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Emerging Trends in Service Apartments

Gone are the days when paying for maintenance, lift and power back ups were synonymous with ‘service.’ The emerging trends in serviced apartments offer much more than these mundane things! Service apartments in Bangalore often offer airport pickups, travel arrangements and 24 hour housekeeping. What’s more, you could even have your food put away in your fridge and fresh flowers in the living room every day. These are only the tip of the iceberg as far as the facilities at service apartments are concerned.

Currently, the demand for these service apartments is mostly from business travelers. However, there is a growing trend of families on vacation opting for serviced apartments in Bangalore. This is because serviced apartments prove to be a more economical option for families traveling together. One can enjoy a home environment and cook food (rather than visiting expensive restaurants every day). The choices range from well-equipped studio rooms to one, two and three bedroom service apartments. One can find a spacious service apartment, amenities such as swimming pool, gyms and beautiful gardens.

Who is Benefiting from the Latest Trends in Service Apartments?
Service apartments are a huge hit with working professionals, especially the expatriates who are looking for a ‘home away from home’. The budding trends in service apartments have shown that such apartments are typically the preferred choice of those who wish to stay at a destination for a week or longer. These comfortable and luxurious apartments are available at strategic locations that add to their convenience.

The upcoming trends in service apartments have shown a spike in demand from medical tourists who prefer staying in a home environment rather than at a hotel. As a result, more and more realtors are building service apartments in the proximity of hospitals and medical facilities.

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